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Knoxville- Pretenious Beer Company - Beer Babes Burgers

Craft beer has taken off in Knoxville, with a thriving brewing scene that has something to offer every beer enthusiast. From small, independent breweries to large, established ones, Knoxville has it all. Here are the top ten craft beer brewers in Knoxville:

Knoxville - TailGate Brewery - Beer Babes Burgers
  1. Alliance Brewing Company: This brewery has won numerous awards for their delicious, innovative beers. They offer a variety of styles, including IPAs, stouts, and sours, and their taproom is a must-visit for any craft beer lover.
  2. Crafty Bastard Brewery: With a focus on unique, small-batch brews, Crafty Bastard is a favorite among locals. They offer everything from classic styles to experimental flavors, and their taproom is a great spot to enjoy a pint with friends.
  3. Balter Beerworks: Balter is a favorite among locals, known for their laid-back atmosphere and delicious beers. They offer a range of classic styles as well as more experimental brews, and their outdoor patio is a great spot to relax with a pint.
  4. Schulz Bräu Brewing Company: This German-style brewery offers a variety of traditional and modern styles, all expertly crafted. They have a spacious taproom with indoor and outdoor seating, and their beer garden is a popular spot in the summer.
  5. Pretentious Beer Co.: Known for their creative and innovative beers, Pretentious Beer Co. is a must-visit for any craft beer enthusiast. They offer a range of styles, including sours, stouts, and IPAs, and their taproom is a great spot for a casual evening out.
  6. Abridged Beer Company: Abridged Beer Company is a small, independent brewery that offers a variety of classic styles as well as more experimental brews. Their taproom is cozy and inviting, and the staff is always happy to chat about beer.
  7. Fanatic Brewing Company: Fanatic Brewing Company is known for their creative, flavorful brews that push the boundaries of traditional styles. Their taproom is small but cozy, and the staff is passionate about beer and always happy to share their knowledge.
  8. TailGate Brewery – TailGate is known for their fun and lively atmosphere, as well as their wide range of beer styles. Don’t miss their Peanut Butter Milk Stout or their Grapefruit IPA.
  9. East Nashville Beer Works – East Nashville Beer Works is a community-focused brewery with a range of classic and experimental beers. Check out their Miro Miel Honey Blonde or their Peanut Butter Porter.
  10. Bearded Iris Brewing – Bearded Iris is known for their hazy IPAs and innovative brewing techniques. Don’t miss their Homestyle IPA or Double Scatterbrain IPA.

With so many excellent craft beer options in Knoxville, it can be hard to choose just one brewery to visit. But no matter where you end up, you’re sure to find delicious beer and a welcoming atmosphere. Cheers!

Knoxville - Bearded Iris Brewing - Beer Babes Burgers